Saturday, August 29, 2009

WOW Target Cat food trip.

So we had a great family night tonight, just the four of us at our favorite Mexican restaurant plus dessert at a great little boutique. After dinner I went to Target to grab some dry cat food. We were completely out and Target was next door to the restaurant.

Since I was in the pet food aisle and I had my Chef Michael's coupons with me I decided to grab a few transactions worth of that deal.

I got 16 cans of Chef Michael's wet food, 10 bags of Chef Michael's Dry food and 3 bags of Purina Healthful Life cat food.

16 cans @ $.89 each =$14.24
10 bags @ $4.59= $45.90
3 cat food @ $2.14 = $6.42
Total cost with out coupons =$66.56

Total cost after coupons =$4.14
Percent saved 94%

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