Friday, January 21, 2011

A fun FRUGAL day

So this year has started off at a ridiculously fast pace for me. I have not been able to focus much on deals and shopping, but with all that is going on in my life the deals are more important now than ever. I don't have much extra time to blog but I can't help but share today's adventures.

I have been reading all week about the great new Joy Of Football coupon book at Randall's this week, I even went in search on my one free lunch break this week. I was really wanting to find this book, because it has several great high dollar coupons.

This afternoon I had an appointment to get my oil changed in the Mom-Mobile and it happened to be near a Randall's. I was so excited to see the display at the front door that is supposed to hold these coveted coupon books! It was empty! I was bummed, but I knew I didn't want to waste a trip to Randall's so I headed to the back of the store where they have their clearance section. On my way through the meat department, I glanced at the 50% off meats and saw a few really great single packs of steak. Since my stock of meat is running low, I grabbed them the most expensive was going to be only about $2.75. Then I looked behind me at a small shelf and saw a huge stack of the coupon books! WOOOHOO! I took three and headed to the clearance section. While I was browsing the deals I found several six packs of apple sauce. Even without a coupon, these were going to be $1.15 each. Since the kids both like to take a lunch from home I grabbed six of these.
Ready to check out I glanced through my new coupon books and saw a $2 off 1 Ranchers Reserve coupon. Turns out the steaks I grabbed were Rancher's Reserve. I was so happy. Three steaks for under $2.

I still have to find a few more deals tomorrow, with my sidekicks along for the ride, it should be a fun day! Oh yeah and that oil change I got today, yeah, it was FREE! I got a letter from several local shops welcoming me to the neighborhood when I moved in here in April. I haven't paid to have the oil changed in my Mom-Mobile since then.

One more Frugal thing happened today! Both of my incredible sidekicks came home with PERFECT report cards. Those perfect report cards are rewarded with FREE kids meals from Chick Fil A. SO tomorrow's lunch is FREE too!