Monday, August 10, 2009

CVS Weekend shopping

I only did one trip to CVS this weekend so I had to make it count.

I have to remind you to always scan your card at the price checker before you start. It is a fantastic little deal. This time I got 3- Free Hair Coloring up to $10 c/o's and a $5/$25.

I even got a bonus and didn't have to count this trip in my Grocery Budget because my dad gave me money for just this. He encourages my coupon shopping and as he was leaving from visiting us handed me the money to do this shopping.

I got
1- Swiffer Wet Jet Pads Refill
2- 3 Packs of CVS Paper towels
4- Packs of Sour Patch Kids
14- Value Packs of Twizzlers Various flavors
4- Three Packs of Winterfresh Gum
3-Three Packs of Juicy Fruit
4- Three Packs Extra Gum
3- Loreal Preference Hair Color
1- 24 Pack of CVS Toilet Paper
7- Three Musketeers Bars
9- Snickers Bars
6- Twix bars

Unfortunately I don't have my reciept with me to explain the transactions in more detail, but I got a lot a of great deals and I do know that it was seven transactions.

Before anyone asks, No, we won't be eating all of the candy. I will use it for giftbaskets etc.

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