Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Target Adventures

I have had such a great time this week finding all of the great deals at Target.

I am saving the picture for Friday...I want to do a full weeks shopping in one post. I can pretend all day that it is to impress you all. But really it is for me, I can't wait to see how well I did.

But, I do want you to know about a few of the awesome deals out there this week.

Gerber Baby Bottle Singles 8oz. and 4oz. $.99
$1 off Gerber Feeding Accessories Target printable

Johnson's Buddies Scrubbing Soap Bar. $.97
$1 off Johnson's Baby Product Target Printable

Chef Michael's Can Dog Food $.89
BOGO Mfg C/o
BOGO Target Printable
2 Cans FREE

Chef Michael's Dry Dog Food $4.26
$3.00 Mfg c/o
$1.50 Target Printable

Glade Fragrance Collection Large Candle in Jar $4.50
$3.00 Mfg c/o Printable

Glade Candle Tins $1.66
$1.50 Mfg c/o inside tin (open the tin and look for a loose piece of paper)

Glade Candle Refills $2.50
Free Refills when you buy Tin Mfg c/o Printable

Archer Farms Artisan Breads Price varies starts @ $.85
$1 off Archer Farms Artisan Breads Target Printable.

These are some of the AWESOME deals available this week.

I have found also that at some stores the BOGO Mfg c/o for the Chef Michael's Can Food is ringing up for the full value of the dry food, if you buy them both on the same transaction. Your mileage may vary on this, nut combined with the $3 Mfg c/o, the BOGO can food Target Printable and the $1.50 Dry Food Target Printable this can create some major overage. I have had several transactions this week that I have paid only the sales tax.

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I can't wait to show you all my week of Target deals. I have been having so much fun with this one.

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