Saturday, August 29, 2009

Walgreens and CVS 8-28

Since Captain Obvious has started Pre K, I decided to use my new found freedom on Friday afternoon with a CVS and Walgreens trip. I went to three Walgreens and got 15 Huggies wipes, 15 Character Bandaids, 2 more of the coveted Children's Activity Books and 4 coloring books.

At CVS I was able to get 1 case of Gold Emblem bottled water, two rolls of CVS paper towels, I pack of CVS cookies, 1 bottle CVS liquid hand soap, 3 boxes of Sani Hands for Kids hand wipes, 1 Canister of CVS sanitizer wipes and 4 packs of Kotex Panty liners.

My grand total oop was $19.93.

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