Friday, August 7, 2009

Walgreens $8

I also made a Walgreens run tonight, I had picked up a stack of the new Back to School Coupon Pamphlets earlier this week. I wanted to get some Huggies Wipes with the coupon, so I could pass them on to a friend who had a baby.

Walgreens sells their Huggies Wipes for $2.79 this coupon is a $2 mfg c/o. It is not a Walgreens Coupon so it won't stack.

Still $.79 wipes is a great deal.

I got...

6- Huggies Wipes (1 $2 mfg c/o) It automatically took $12 off with just the one c/o.
1- High School Musical 3 Card Game $2.99 Clearance. This will be a great Christmas gift.

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