Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Target $19.07

When I was looking for coupons for cat food yesterday I discovers that I had a whole batch of Target coupons that expired the same day. These were some great high dollar coupons that were in a mailer Princess Random found in the parking lot of a Target a while back. I have used several and didn't want the rest to go to waste. So I went through the rest of my coupons to match up what ever coupons I could.

I was able to match several coupons so this is what the transaction looked like

2- Bags Chef Michael Dog Food ($4.49, 2- $3.50 i/p mfg c/o, 2- $1.5o Target c/o)
4- Cans Chef Michael Dog Food ($.89 , 2 BOGO Target c/o)
1- Bag Meow Mix Cat Food
1- Bag Purina Cat Chow Healthful Life (I don't remember the price - Free Target c/o)
1- Bag Hefty Bowls (I don't have the receipt with me right now)
1- Box Bounce Dryer Sheets (I don't have the receipt with me right now)
1- 10 Pack Hanes Underwear For Girls (BTS Promo $5.00, 1- $1.00 Target c/0)

I will update the actual prices of the last few items when I have the receipt.

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