Monday, September 14, 2009

I am a little behind...

I know that I am behind on my coupon clipping when I can barely lift the bag I carry it all in.

This was my pile this morning.... about 8 inches tall.

Plus all of these clipped coupons still need to be organized.

If you want a little word of advice wait to clip your coupons until you have enough time to have them completely put away. I try to use any free moment to clip and then I end up with gallon bags filled with unorganized coupons. I know what I am doing for lunch today.

Great mail week this week...

Since the beginning of my coupon adventures I have felt like a kid going to check the mail every day. The anticipation you used to feel looking for something fun in the mail. I have gotten lots of great coupons through trades and coupons to try a produce FREE from the manufacturer. But this weekend I received my first refund check. This one was $3.99 for buying a Goody Ouchless Headband. I got the headband on sale for $3.99 minus $1 mfg c/o. So i made $1 profit off the headband. I also received $50 in Lowe's Gift Cards for purchasing a trial membership to a website called Complete Home. The trial membership was $1 so I made a $49 profit off the membership. My total profit was $50. Woo hoo what a great surprise in the mail.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sunday Preview

Just to let you all know.... If you are planning to buy Sunday papers this week. It is a great week to buy extras. This Sunday there will be 5 inserts. I am so stoked.

There will be 3 Smart Source Inserts and 2 Red Plum Inserts.

And at a glance it looks like there are a lot of deals out there.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A quick look at my weekend deals

I had to go to work for a few hours on Saturday. When I left I decided to go to one more Target that I had not been to in search of a few last minute deals. The Gerber and Johnson's coupons were expiring so I wanted one last shot at the deals. I found 11 Johnson's Buddies and 12 Gerber Bottles. I also grabbed new colander and liquid measuring cup from the dollar section. I was very excited to find the Travel size Hungry Hungry Hippos $4.99-$4/1 mfg. printable c/o. I also grabbed two of the Blue Ray DVD Value Packs of the Hannah Montana Movie, one for my Princess Random, and one for her to give as a gift at an upcoming party. I have been needing storage boxes for my stockpile so I also grabbed two more 56qt Sterilite Boxes on clearance for $3.24. Of course I couldn't help but look for more Glade Candle Tins with Coupons, I found six more, $1.66 - $1.50/1 mfg. c/o.

I had made lunch plans, since I still had time to kill I stopped at Walgreen's to look for a few deals that I had heard about. I was able to find the Reese's Whips on Clearance for $.45 and was able to get 4 which got me 2 20oz Diet Cokes for free. I was also able to find a lot of the Walgreen's Children's Activity Books. Which I paid for with my Register Rewards for buying Breathe Right Strips.

All in all I had a successful morning.

I have a plan up my sleeve for a few of the Walgreen's books. I am working out the details now and will post as soon aas I have it all worked out.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Personal One Week Challenge

Last Friday I made a quick trip to Target for cat food. I had just received the coupons I traded, and I decided to look for the Chef Michael's that would be free with coupons. I Grabbed a couple bags of cat food and a few of the Chef Michael's.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the BOGO can of Chef Michael's wet food coupon rang up for the price of the dry food bag. Combined with the $3 Chef Michael's Bag mfg. c/o and the Target $1.50 off Chef Michael's Dry food, and Target BOGO can Chef Michael's it created a huge overage. With this overage I was able to also get the cat food for free. I decided when I got home that I would challenge myself to see how well I could work this deal. I originally was only going to shop at Target, but on Friday I realized that I was still about $30 from my $100 total so I made a stop at CVS. All in all it made for a very successful week.

My goal was to spend less than $100 in one week, how much I could get for that money and what I would save by doing so.

So here is my final total for one week.

14- Trial Size bag Chef Michael's ($.50)
9- Small Bag Purina Healthful Life Cat Food ($2.14)
6- 4 lb. Bags Meow Mix ($3.57)
1- 3.15 lb bag Friskies ($3.57)
40- Medium Bags Chef Michael's ($4.26)
85- Cans Chef Michael's ($.89)
1- Big Grab Bag Funyun's ($.99)
3- 20 oz. Bottles Aquafina ($1.29)
36- Johnson's Buddies Soap ($.97)
1- Can Snawsome Dog Treats
24- 8oz Gerber Baby Bottles ($.99)
19- 4oz Gerber Baby Bottles ($.99)
4- Ceaser's Bistro Dog Food ($
8- Meow Mix Can Food ($
3- Archer Farm's Artisan Bread ($.85)
25- Glade Candle Tin's ($1.66)
2- 4 pack Glade Candle Tin Refills ($2.50)
3- Glade Soy Candles ($4.49)
9- Large Bags Chef Michael's ($9.24)
5- Various Size M&M's ($.59)
2- Sterlite 56qt Containers ($5.00)
2-24 count Tylenol 8 hr ($.47)
1- Theraflu 24 ct ($.39)
4- Value Packs Coppertone Neutrashield ($1.29)
1- Coppertone Neutrashield ($1.29)
12- Coppertone Sport ($.97)
2- CVS Key ring Sunscreen ($.29)
20- Glade Carpet Fresh Powder($1.66)
1- NYC Blush (.29)
1- Neutrogena Base ($1.29)
6- Kodak B&W Disposable Cameras ($.97)
2- 24 count CVS Junior Ibuprofen ($.39)
2- 40 Count CVS Allergy Relief ($.39)

List of Coupons used...

Free Trial Bag Chef Michael's
$3/1 Chef Michael's
BOGO Can Chef Michael's
$1/1 Glade Carpet Fresh Powder
$1.50/1 Glade Candle Tin
$3/1 Item from Glade Fragrance Collection
Free Glade Scented Oil Candle Refill When you buy Candle
BOGO Ceaser's Bistro
$1/4 Meow Mix Wet Food
$1 Snawsomes treats
Free Chocolate (free Chocolate Friday)

Target Printable...
BOGO Chef Michael's Can
$1.50/1 Bag Chef Michael's Dry Food
$1/1 Archer Farms Artisan Bread
$1/1 Gerber Feeding Accessory
$1/1 Johnson's Bath Product

CVS Coupon
$1.50/1 Coppertone Sunscreen

So the Grand totals...

Total before clearance and coupons- $1095.16
Total After Clearance and Coupons- $93.14
Total Savings- $1002.02

So my $100 dollars really stretched very well. I was so proud of how much I was able to get.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Target Adventures

I have had such a great time this week finding all of the great deals at Target.

I am saving the picture for Friday...I want to do a full weeks shopping in one post. I can pretend all day that it is to impress you all. But really it is for me, I can't wait to see how well I did.

But, I do want you to know about a few of the awesome deals out there this week.

Gerber Baby Bottle Singles 8oz. and 4oz. $.99
$1 off Gerber Feeding Accessories Target printable

Johnson's Buddies Scrubbing Soap Bar. $.97
$1 off Johnson's Baby Product Target Printable

Chef Michael's Can Dog Food $.89
BOGO Mfg C/o
BOGO Target Printable
2 Cans FREE

Chef Michael's Dry Dog Food $4.26
$3.00 Mfg c/o
$1.50 Target Printable

Glade Fragrance Collection Large Candle in Jar $4.50
$3.00 Mfg c/o Printable

Glade Candle Tins $1.66
$1.50 Mfg c/o inside tin (open the tin and look for a loose piece of paper)

Glade Candle Refills $2.50
Free Refills when you buy Tin Mfg c/o Printable

Archer Farms Artisan Breads Price varies starts @ $.85
$1 off Archer Farms Artisan Breads Target Printable.

These are some of the AWESOME deals available this week.

I have found also that at some stores the BOGO Mfg c/o for the Chef Michael's Can Food is ringing up for the full value of the dry food, if you buy them both on the same transaction. Your mileage may vary on this, nut combined with the $3 Mfg c/o, the BOGO can food Target Printable and the $1.50 Dry Food Target Printable this can create some major overage. I have had several transactions this week that I have paid only the sales tax.

Need Target Printable Coupons try...

as well as

Also visit...


I can't wait to show you all my week of Target deals. I have been having so much fun with this one.