Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Stockpile A Quick Tour

When I first started researching coupon shopping the first thing I read about was stockpiling. It is designed to ensure that you always have enough of what you need so you don't have to pay full price. So when an item reaches its rock bottom price you stock up, and go SHOPPING in your own stockpile when you need something rather than pay the premium price.

I have wanted to take pictures of my stockpile to show people. This morning before work I ran out to the garage to snap a couple of pics. They are nothing special. I really want to get some new shelves to put stuff on. In just under six weeks I have already run out of room. MY freezer, pantry, medicine cabinet, and three shelving units in the garage are full. I really enjoy finding these great deals, and sharing them with others.

This shelf has 14 toothpastes, three Listerine, two body wash, 6 Renu Contact solutions, three Playtex Tampons.

This shelf has too many dish soaps to count six Soft-soap hand soaps and two CVS panty liners.

This shelf has three each Tresemme shampoo and conditioner and 1 hair gel. 7 Johnson buddies soap, three deodorants and 5 aspirin.

This is my Dish Detergent stash, 19 boxes.

And my air freshener stash of 26 cans.

This one is 4 notebooks, 4 rulers, and 2 Pictureeka card games, countless deodorants, 8 packs of Dove soap, 2 Kotex Panty Liners, Two laundry soaps and one fabric softener.

This one has 1 Venus Embrace razor, 3 Gillette Fusion Razors, 6 Colgate Wisps, 1 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, 16 Body Sprays, 4 LED Candles, 4 School glue, 5 Mentos gums, 8 Dental floss, and 8 Tooth brushes.

This is the second storage shelf. It is a terrible pic, but it will do. I keep all of the food in here since it has doors that I can close to keep it safe. I won’t go into detail here about its contents.

I have left a lot out. This weekend I am getting a deep freezer, and I can't wait to clean out my freezer inside as well as my pantry. Maybe I will get sometime to take much better pics. The best thing I see when I look at all of this is that the most expensive item in all this was $2.00. The majority of it was free or under $.50.

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