Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Adventures...Super Coupon Mom conquers CVS.

In the further adventures of the Super Coupon Mom we find our hero sweltering in the intense Texas heat. "Hottest July in decades....hmmm I better think of something to do today that won't keep me out in this heat," thought Emily. "I know," she thought, "Let's go to CVS and see if we can find some great deals. Maybe we can even save that Almighty Dollar." With her trusty sidekicks in tow Emily quickly changed them all to their alter egos(gotta help the youngsters)...Super Coupon Mom, Princess Random and Captain Obvious. So they all dashed to the Mom-mobile(Trailblazer), and off they went. This CVS was not a great windfall, it was a little to far out in the burbs. All of those great razors were gone, but never fear Super Coupon Mom is here!!!!!

Straight to the pharmacy isle for clearance Alavert. Yes we all have allergies, even super heros have weaknesses. The 12 count Alavert was on Clearance from $10.99 marked to $2.75. Two of the boxes had $2 peelies (p/e) and Super Coupon Mom just happened to have a $2.00 c/o in her trusty binder. All of the other clearance medicine was gone so our heros set out in search of other great bargains.

"Look Super Coupon Mom, over there" cries Captain Obvious, "the clearance table." They all rushed to the table to see what bargains awaited. Super Coupon Mom turns to Princess Random and says, "Princess do we have any coupons for Mentos Gum?"

"Why yes, look here $.55 c/o." Cries Princess Random. Great so they grabbed 5 at $.42. Cha-Ching!!! Free gum!!

"Quick Captain Obvious, get our handy CVS card and ECB's and lets go check out!"

Our Heros head to the cashier where they present their finding to the clerk. After the total they present all of their coupons and ECB's and the Cashier says, "that will be $.06 please."

Captain Obvious reaches into his little pockets and pays her with a dime.

Once again our fearless heros have conquered evil and saved the Almighty Dollar.

Stay tuned next week for more adventures of Super Coupon Mom, Princess Random, and Captain Obvious.

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