Monday, July 20, 2009

Kroger AMP Deal

Kroger stores in our area are having their Mega Sale. This is a great time to stock up on lots of great items. So far I have focused on the AMP Energy Drink deal. This is how it works, buy 10 AMP 16 oz. cans. Use your Kroger card and pay $10.72. They are going to ring up $2.49, $1 will come off for scanning you Kroger card, and when the cashier hits total an additional $5 will come off because you bought 10 items. Pay for your ten cans how ever you choose. A catalina coupon (CAT, register coupon) will print that is worth $10 on your next order (OYNO). While you are in the store grab a grocery gift card from the gift card center. Go up to the customer service desk and hand the clerk your Kroger card, gift card and catalina. They will scan all three and your gift card will have a $10 balance good for gas or groceries.

I was able to go to five Kroger stores and get 120 cans. I have already drank a few. This can actually be a money maker if you have any AMP coupons. Mine came today after a trade so I will try again for a few more. I still have $25 on my GC so this could add up nicely.

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