Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Adventures of The Super Coupon Mom Episode 2

When we last saw our Hero she was celebrating her victory at CVS with her young side kicks. Sadly today Super Coupon Mom is on her own in her efforts to save the Almighty Dollar.

Alone and feeling a little down with out her super side kicks our Hero headed out to see if she could find a great deal to lift her spirits.

Her first stop was CVS to create some great Photo Books. These free albums are a great glimpse down memory lane, and this helps Super Coupon Mom find the strength to carry on.

Revitalized by the happy thoughts of Princess Random and captain Obvious, Super Coupon Mom heads down the road to Kroger. This next deal was going to require some leg work, always ready for a challenge Super Coupon Mom grabs her trusty binder and a shopping cart.

She quickly makes her way to the soda aisle and spots her target...AMP energy drinks. "The Mega Sale today makes these only $1 each, and I know that they are printing a $10 gift card Catalina if you buy ten". Super coupon Mom revels in the thought of FREE products for a moment and then begins to formulate her plan of attack.

"I will start with 10, get my gift card and come back for more. Then I will go to a few more Kroger’s and see how many I can stock up on".

She dashes to the register with her super shopper speed, all the while dodging crying babies, and inconsiderate shoppers. Super Coupon Mom makes it to the Express Lane. Insert victorious music here. But, Oh, What is that? The dreaded Manager is helping check out in this lane.

"Drat He spotted me; I am stuck in his tractor beams." She exclaimed.

"Hi, Mam, do you have your Kroger card today?" He asks.

"Yes, sir. Here it is." She says quietly handing him her card.

"Isn't this a fantastic deal? Did you know that it is going to give you a coupon for $10 off your next purchase?" He asks a very stunned Super Coupon Mom.

"Why yes, I did know. I can't believe you are happy about it; most store managers do not take kindly to coupon shoppers. Why are you different?" She asks him, confused by this recent turn of events.

“Well, we still get paid, you get your drinks, and everyone is happy". He stated very bluntly. "Plus, I plan on taking advantage of this deal myself when I get off."

Clearly dumbfounded our Hero merely mumbles, "Wow."

This new friend of Super Coupon Mom asks her "Were you planning on purchasing any more?"


"How many more are you going to get?'

"Maybe 40, if you have enough."

"Let's go to the customer service Desk and get you all situated then. I will start your gift card and we will take care of the rest of your transactions up here."

Picking her jaw up off the floor Super Coupon Mom follows her newfound friend to the Customer Service Booth. Five minutes later she heads back to the Soda Aisle gets her 40 more AMP drinks. And Walks out the door to the waiting Mom-mobile, with 50 AMP drinks, and $10 dollars left on the Gift Card.

"What a great day," she thought to herself. "I sure do miss Princess Random and Captain Obvious, but that was certainly fun. I think I will head to the next Kroger and see how I do there".

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