Monday, July 13, 2009

CVS Deal Today....

For a while now bloggers have been posting about this great clearance deal on Bic Soleil Razors. CVS had a bonus pack with 4 blades attached for $2.99. Great price, but dig into my handy coupon binder and woo hoo I have a $3 c/o. So I have been searching high and low for this deal. I searched through at least 10 CVS stores. Today for lunch I decided that I needed to try one more time. I mean what super hero can give up on a challenge like this. So I mapped a route that would take me to 3 CVS stores I had never visited.

First stop was my Jackpot!!!!!!!!!!!

They had not one or two razors..... they had 14. It was official I had won.

I got one and went to scan it just in case. Wow! Not $2.99, but $1.49. Sweet so my handy $3 c/o would net me 2 and I would only have to pay tax. Sweet! But, what what's that. Oh look I have three coupons for free blades if you buy the handle. OMG!

So I got 10 Razors, each with a bonus 4 pack of blades, and three extra packs of blades.

As always in CVS I checked the clearance section. Scoreboard. 90% off Clearance was packed. I got a Crayola Hannah Montana Color Wonder kit for $1.30, a Hannah Montana Candy container for 13 cents and a set of Hannah Stickers for 40 cents. All will be in my Christmas stash for this year. I also got 6 two packs of Colgate Wisp for 13 cents each, and 5 Sally Hansen Nail Polishes for 1.39. Oh look a .50 c/o in my binder. Woo. And for my super reader seven year old side kick, I found a book she has been eyeing at the bookstore for a while only 70 cents.

So a very successful trip even if I didn't buy anything at the other two stores. I also have two more coupons for the razors.

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