Friday, January 29, 2010

We Now return to the Adventures of the Super Coupon Mom

When we last saw the our friend Emily she was just getting into her holiday shopping. As we all know that experience can drain even the greatest super heroes.
The holidays have passed and the Emily and her beautiful children are back to their regular schedules. Today we join them for a quick trip to Kroger for Hamburger buns. Watch out, here we come to save some money.

Emily quickly dashes to the closet and dusts off her Super Coupon Mom uniform, insert comedic closet avalanche here. Our heroin decides that she needs to get Captain Obvious and Princess Random back into super sidekick mode so she calls them down to help. You see, it may be a quick trip for hamburger buns, but the Super coupon Mom also knows that it is the first day of a Kroger Mega Sale. Woo Hoo! Grabbing her weekly ad from the daily mail pile the Super Coupon Mom quickly notes some great deals and calls out the product names to Princess Random. Princess Random finds the coupons in the trusty coupon binder, and passes them to captain obvious who stashes them in the special coupon holder on his super helper tool belt.

Armed and ready for battle the trio heads off to the nearest Kroger hoping to find the deals and save The Almighty Dollar! DUN, DUN, DUN.....

Once they arrive at Kroger The Super Coupon Mom and her faithful sidekicks grab their equipment and get to work. Princess Random is on coupon patrol, looking high and low for any new coupons through out the store. Captain Obvious gets straight to work as the shopping cart divider (he was grounded so he had to stay in the cart). He was a pro at the task of keeping the Mega Sale items separate from the non sale items. This is after all a HUGE responsibility, since the Mega Sale items need to be in sets of ten to capitalize on the best deals. This job make sit much easier for The Super Coupon Mom to keep track of her total number of Mega Sale Items.

Left and right, high and low, they scoured the store for the deals, knowing they were out there, no deal escaping their watchful eyes. They got 40 Mega Sale items this trip, for an instant $20 savings.

To the register they went, ready to see how well they did in their attempts to save The Almighty Dollar. When all of the sudden Princess Random stops in her tracks. Oh no, does she sense danger? Did we count wrong? What could possibly be wrong with our little friend?

"Hey, Super coupon Mom, isn't this the Kroger that owes you money from the catalina that didn't print?"

"Oh goodness Princess Random, it sure is. I can't believe you remembered! WOW! We better speak to a manager."

As our fearless heroes approached the near by manager, our Hero knows that it is quite possible that he won't be able to help her. Still she explains the story to him.

"Well, yes mam, I remember the call, I was standing next to the manager you spoke to when you called that day. What was the amount again?" Asked the helpful manager.

"$3, it was $1.50 for the Betty Crocker deal and I did it twice." Replied our shocked hero.

"Okay then, why don't we go right here to this open register and I will take care of you myself." responded this new friend.

Amazed at what had just happened our team headed to the register, The Super Coupon Mom would again receive a shock from this manager when he asked Captain Obvious if he wanted to help him scan. Our favorite four year old was ecstatic, he scanned and scanned to his hearts content.

When all 44 items had been scanned The Super Coupon Mom handed her new friend her coupons and waited to see her results. Coupon after coupon he scanned, as she watched the amount due shrink from $90 to $7. Our hero knew that once again she had been successful at saving The Almighty Dollar.

Join us next time when our heroes tackle the local Walgreen's! Can they conquer rude sales clerks and bare shelves and still manage to save The Almighty Dollar? Tune in next time to find out.

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