Monday, January 11, 2010

CVS Lunch Run

I was so busy yesterday with Princess Random's 8th birthday that I didn't get to go get any newspapers. So I had to scramble to find a store that still had some.

There is a CVS near my office that isn't shopped by many coupon shoppers. I love it because I can often locate great sale prices on clearance merchandise, go home that night to get my coupons matched up and still find the deals the next day.

So that store was the first store I found that had any Sunday papers left, so I headed there for my lunch break. I was happy to see a sign on the door announcing 90% off Christmas Merchandise. Woo Hoo!

I of course headed straight there, and cleaned up on Christmas merchandise.

I had $10 ECB to spend so I filled my cart with Christmas goodies. Some of the stuff was as low as $.07.

Here is what I got...
Transaction 1..
3- Sunday Houston Chronicle $5.25

Used $5 ECB
Total Oop $.025

Transaction 2...
1- Pack Snowman Peeps $1.50 clearance $.15
1- Crayola Sugar Cookie decorating set $1.99 clearance $.19
3- Asst Gift bags $1.99 clearance $.19
8- Curling Ribbon $.69 clearance $.07
5- Rolls self adhesive gift tags $1.99 clearance $.19
6- 24 Ct Christmas Stickers $1.99 clearance $.19
7- 3 Pack Large Shirt Boxes $2.99 clearance $.29
1- Transformer Ornament $7.99 clearance $.79
2- 10 Pc Writing set $.99 clearance $.09
1- Jonas brothers hair set $5.99 clearance $.59
1- Tinkerbell Ornament $5.99 clearance $.59
1- 2009 Ornament $3.99 clearance $.39

After using my other $5 ECB my total Oop was $3.32
I can't wait to see these items this December when I pull out the Christmas boxes.
I think this was my 4th Christmas clearance shopping trip, between the various stores, we are going to have some great new Christmas stuff this year.

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