Friday, January 29, 2010

Checking the Mail

One thing that I have learned from coupon shopping is that it is possible to enjoy checking the mail. Remember that feeling as a kid? Hoping day after day to see your name on something in the mail box. Day after day was a disappointment, until a holiday or your birthday when some distant relative would send you a card.
As an adult we know that 99% of the time the mail box is only going to hold junk mail or bills. neither is much fun. But, since I started this journey, I have learned that checking the mail can be fun again.
I love the anticipation of knowing that the mailbox might hold coupons from a trade, or freebies from a manufacturer, maybe even a rebate check or reward gift card.
Yesterday's mail was fantastic! I have been waiting on a reward for signing up for a club's trial membership. It was supposed to be $25 gift card to Target and a $25 gift card to Starbucks. This has been a tough on e to collect on and I had just about given up hope when all of the sudden I received them in the mail. The Target card was there but not the Starbucks, instead it was a $25 Wal-mart Card. No complaints from me there. I also received a pro rated refund from Apple for a mistake they made on my protection plan for my iPhone. All told I made $103.53 just for checking the mail.

Not bad huh?

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