Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beneful Incredibites Dog Food Deal!

If you have any of the $3/1 Beneful Incredibites Dog Food Coupons you
might want to head to Petsmart. I first saw this deal last week and I
didn't have any coupons for it, so I ordered my Coupons and waited patiently.
They finally came yesterday and I loaded up the kids and off we went.

Here is how this deal works…
Buy 1 Trial Size Incredibites per $3 coupon. Each bag is $.99 the
coupons will ring for the full amount creating a $2.01 overage per
bag. I got 20 bags so I had $40.20 overage, So I got two large bags
of Beneful $9.99 each, two medium bags of Beneful $5.99 each, One
large box of Milkbone treats$4.99 , and one bag of Jerky Treats $3.99
(I had coupons for both of these but I don’t remember the
denominations). I was still in the negative after using only 19 of my
coupons so I grabbed two packs of Pup R Mints ($1.99 each) at the
register. My original total with tax was $66.67. Total OOP= $1.32.
Woo Hoo! Thank you Purina. I am sure my dogs will love their free

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