Monday, May 3, 2010

WOW Now that was LUCKY!

I didn't have time yesterday to stop and grab my newspapers. On a whim this morning I stopped at my Kroger to see if they had any papers left. Not one! Bummer! But, I decided that I still had time to go to Walmart and see if they had any. Grabbed the first parking spot in the row, and got out to go into the store. I noticed a little older gentleman loading the papers in his car. I stopped and asked him if I could buy some he sold me them for $1. I was stoked, got my ten papers and was about to leave when I saw that he had a stack of Sunday ads as well. I asked him if I could buy them and he just gave them to me. Woo Hoo! He told me I can stop by every monday and he will sell them to me.

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