Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back in the routine

Since I decided to move my family across town I had to take a break
from my shopping for a few weeks. I was so frustrated with this but I
still read the blogs and read with some regret about all of the great deals
that I was missing. One night I read about the $3/1 Snuggle Coupon.
I was so angry that I had not gotten my papers that week, I knew that I
was down to 2 bottles of fabric softener and on my last box of dryer

I searched all the clipping services and they were all sold out,
bummer. Ebay, however had plenty and I ordered 20 coupons. As with
every transaction I have had I Ebay my envelope arrived quickly,
unfortunately it was also the day that I had to drive across town to
sign the papers on the house and get the keys. Grabbed my envelope
from the mail and took off to go handle the move. So now we are all
settled in and I am ready to shop.

I cleaned out my coupon bag, and binders, and folder, and NO Snuggle
coupons. I was so mad at myself. So for two weeks now I have scoured
the new house in search of my coupons. To make the matter more urgent
Kroger is running their Digital Choice promotion and Snuggle Liquid
and sheets are both on the list of Promo items.

Yesterday as I was driving home, I thought about one more place to
look, and lo and behold there are my snuggle coupons, well all but 2
of them. So I load the kids in the car and it is off to Kroger we go.

By the way, I love my new Kroger! They are very coupon friendly, they
even have a coupon swap basket at Customer Service. My kids love to
bring my un-needed coupons to drop off. I was so happy to see the
shelves still full. So we did six transactions that were all

3- Assorted Snuggle - $3.50 ea – 3 $3/1 Mfg Co
6- Caeser Bistro – $1.09 ea - 2 B2G1F Mfg Co (Peelies and SS)
1- Yakisoba Noodles – 10/$10 - Filler to make 10 Promo Items
3- Sani-Hands 15 ct Wipes - $1- $1/1 Mfg Co.

Each transaction was just under $6, I know I could have done a lot
better but, I am so stoked that I got 18 Various Snuggle for $.50

Don't forget about the Kroger Digital Choice Promotion. If you buy 10 Promotional items you get a catalina coupon with a code on it. That code is good for 15 FREE Song Downloads, 15 FREE Ringtones, or 1 FREE Movie ticket. There are lots of coupons out there to match up with the promo items. I have gotten 9 Codes, so for me I have 4 FREE movie tickets and 75 FREE Songs to add to my iPhone!

I am so glad to be back in the shopping routine.

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