Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Target Toy Shopping

With the holiday season fast approaching I have started looking for great deals for Christmas gifts for all of the people on my list. I of course actually started this summer by watching the toy clearances, so i already have a few things put away.

Since there are so many great high dollar toy coupons out there in the weekly inserts and online, I have been trying to get a hold of as many as possible.

Now Target went and sweetened the deals by releasing all of the coupons from their Toy Book for online printing.

So now you can stack your Manufacturers coupon and Target Coupon.

The best deal i have seen so far is for Wii games. This week Target has all of their Wii games buy 2 get 1 free. This includes the ones that are already value priced at $14.99. So I bought 3 games $45. Minus $15 for B2G1 and then I used the Target Toy coupon for $10/2 Wii games. So I was able to get 3 Wii games for only $20.

It gets even better because it seems that using the coupon also triggers a $5/50 Toy purchase Catalina. This is a great one because it doesn't expire until Christmas Eve. So you have lots of time to collect and use them.

The rest of my Target trip today was to get more free dog and cat food and see what other clearance deals I could find.

Here was my haul.

40-Cans Chef Michael's Dog Food $.87-BOGO mfg c/o-BOGO Target C/o= FREE
5- Bags Purina Cat Treats $1.89- Try me Free Mfg. C/o= FREE
5-Playdoh Value Packs $4.99-Halloween Clearance for $1.24
14-Fancy Feast Appetizers $1.20 -BOGO Mfg C/o-BOGO Target C/o= FREE
1-Fancy Nancy Board Game Clearance $3.74
1-HSM Gem activity set Clearance $3.74
4- Kids DVD's $4.75
1-Transformers Temporary Tattoo Set $3.99 Halloween Clearance $.99
3-Wii Games $14.99-B2G1-$10/2= 3/$20

All told I made a great dent in my Christmas shopping, and I will definitely be going back for more.

Total Saved. $135.56

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  1. I hit the Target After Christmas clearance hard back in January. I bought over $800.00 worth of toys, gifts, and clothing for $200.00. I took care of a lot of my kid's fall/winter clothing, Easter basket fillers, and birthday and Christmas presents for my kids and other relatives. I really don't have any Christmas shopping to do other than maybe a few stocking stuffers. I heart Target clearance!