Wednesday, November 4, 2009

30 Days of Giving Day 3 & 4

Last night we had a great family talk about giving. It was so Awesome to watch the kids process the things we talked about. I loved the ideas that they had about the gifts that God has given them and how they can use their gifts for other people.

Our day three giving was a family decision to give some classroom items to Captain Obvious' Pre-K Class. Each month his teacher puts a list of things that she needs for the classroom. So we sent two boxes of Huggies wipes and a 3 pack of paper towels. He is always happy to bring things to his teacher so he was super excited.

For our day four giving we decided to give time to each other. We are so often bombarded by the craziness of our everyday lives that we forget to enjoy each other. So we enjoyed a nice family dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We used this time to further discuss giving with the kids. We talked about some of the opportunities we have found already to volunteer our time. We are going to work at the food pantry, help in the community garden and hopefully find a great place o help serve Thanksgiving Dinner to those in need.

My kids may be too young to understand the awesomeness of their actions, but it does amazing things for my heart to see how much they are not only willing but that they are wanting to give.

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