Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Target Deal

I have been trying to make time to run to Target for some more Free Chef Michael's can dog food. So On Saturday after our lovely lunch date we went to Target. I knew we needed to buy dry cat food as well, so we took the entire binder in to try to find the best possible deal.

I was so excited when the first page I turned to had my $3 off Goodlife Recipie Dog or Cat food coupons. The smallest bag target had was $4.49. So I was very happy to get 8 bags for $1.49 each. No this is not my lowest price point for cat food, but it was low enough that I decided to stock up until I could find a lower price point.

We were also able to get 16 more cans of Chef Michael's. Both of our dogs absolutley love this stuff. I am going to be spending a lot of time in Target coming up. The coupons expire in two weeks and I have enough for over 200 cans.

This works like this, stack 1 BOGO Mfg. Co with a BOGO Target Co. It is such a great deal that I traded for a lot of these coupons.

Good luck with these deals.

Don't forget to start looking for the great Target Christmas Toy Book.

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