Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lowe's Update

So I mentioned that I got those great Lowe's Gift cards as a gift for a trial membership. This ended up being a great deal. I have been putting off purchasing a few things we needed at the house because I dislike the thought of paying full price.

So I used this opportunity to purchase those items. I got a new outdoor trashcan, two large Sterilite storage containers, and my favorite...a NEW SHOWER HEAD!

We have wanted a shower head with a sprayer, and I found a great deal at Lowe's for one that had a hose and a fixed shower head. It is perfect.

The trash cans we have been using outside came with the house. I am pretty sure they were left because they were falling apart, but they served us well enough. It was definitely time for new ones.

I can always use more storage boxes for my stockpile. I like to find them on clearance and stock up. I would have spent all $50 on boxes, but apparently Lowe's is hard on them. I bought the only two that were still in one piece.

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