Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back Again

Oh my, it has been a while. I had such a busy summer and now fall. Don’t let my absence fool you, I have been working hard and saving loads of money. I hope that you have too.

We had a great summer with loads of family time, a short vacation and an awesome back to school shopping experience. I mean wow, even in the clothing stores it is easy to find great deals if you stop to look.

My sidekicks are in school and we are adjusting to their new schedules, which now also include Softball and T-ball. So it goes without saying that our evenings are a little busy.

I am back now. My coupons are finally caught up, my fingers are ready to type and I am excited to share my bargains with you all.

I was able to make a Randall’s run during my lunch break today and I will post all the details this evening, including a pic!

I hope that you are all ready to hit the ground running because I have some great deals for you to get in on.

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