Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TLC show Extreme couponing

I wasn’t going to watch this show. I really didn’t plan on it. I didn’t even set the DVR when I went out last night. As the show began to air I began to see so many conversations about what was happening that I couldn’t resist. When I got home I set the DVR to catch the second run of the show.

My initial thoughts when I heard that a show was being made were how much negative backlash it would create. I don’t think my concerns were far off. I believe that it was staged, 100%, fake. Yes, it is mathematically possible, but probable, not at all. The network must have contacted the stores to get the permission. I am sure that the stores were promised a few well placed logo shots in return and probably well compensated. I am by no means the COUPON POLICE, I don’t want to judge the people who participated in the show, but I am very disappointed.

Crying because a coupon doesn’t scan, and taking over every square inch of floor space in the house are all signs of an addiction or of Hoarding. I don’t believe that even with kids anyone can use the amount of stuff two of these people have in their house.

I believe every one of them when they say that they make regular donations to their local charities. As do most all of us who coupon shop. I just have one thing that really bugs me about the show, and the way things were portrayed. Before I ever went on my first shopping trip armed with my coupons I did a lot of research. I found tons of sites, all with incredible information. The one thing that was taught at every site was to fly below the radar. It is a hard thing to remember, especially when you are new to the game. But, it is vitally important. You don’t want to come to the attention of the stores. All it takes is one moody cashier or manager and you are going to have trouble every time. If a store begins to notice me I pray that it is because I am a nice person, and I stand out for that reason only. I do think that calling ahead to order stuff is a good idea; I will never clear the shelves of a deal, unless there is only one left when I get there. I have not ever ordered extras, but I have considered it. If I ever encounter a deal I cannot pass on I would definitely do it.

I have never gotten in a recycling bin to look for coupons. Again, I wouldn’t put it past me though. Given the chance, I believe I certainly would.

I don’t believe that any of my stores, even stating that I have an AWESOME group of managers and cashiers that I have gotten to know would order me 1100 of any one item.

I want to help others; it is what we are called as Christians to do. But, I will not give up my time with my family, my sanity or my reputation to do so. I will teach anyone who wants to learn and I will continue to donate all I can to any charity I can. But, I will not ask my family to make major sacrifices for me to do so. I do not clip coupons during family time, I do not shop at all hours of the night, I do not miss special events to go get a deal and I do not spend more hours clipping coupons than I do at the office. I am already away from my family too much as it is for work. We all have our own way of being, and to each their own, I just really hope that the stores and manufacturers don’t begin changing the rules again because these four people exposed the tricks of the game.

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